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Russia is a country of the most territorial area of the world, extending for almost half of Europe and one third of Asia. Major seaports: Kaliningrad, Nakhodka, Novorossiysk, Primorsk and Vostochnyy. Border countries: Azerbaijan 338 km, Belarus 1,312 km, China 4,133 km, China (south) 46 km, Estonia 324 km, Finland 1,309 km, Georgia 894 km, Kazakhstan 7,644 km, North Korea 18 km, Latvia 332 km, Lithuania (Kaliningrad Oblast) 261 km, Mongolia 3,452 km, Norway 191 km, Poland 209 km, Ukraine 1,944 km.


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Cathedral Moscow


Sao Petersburgo


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The Kremlin, a fortified complex in Moscow founded by Russian ruling dynasty of Rurikids in the 15th century.


Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.


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