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Monaco is a small country in southwestern Europe, with a land area of just 1.95 km². It lies on the Mediterranean Sea coast at the foot of the Maritime Alps, Monaco is one of Europe’s most popular resort areas. Monaco enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Tourism is an economic mainstay of Monaco, which is famed for its fine beaches and casinos, and the annual Monaco Grand Prix automobile race.

Tiny Monaco is highly urbanized, making it the most densely populated nation in the world. Villas, hotels, shops, and high-rise apartments climb up the rocky hills. To meet demands for more space, Monaco has created new land by dumping rock and earth along the shore. Monaco’s small harbor provides anchorage and docking facilities for cruise ships, luxury yachts, and smaller pleasure craft.

Although independent, Monaco is closely associated with France in economic matters and foreign affairs. Princes of the Grimaldi family from Genoa have ruled Monaco for most of the last seven centuries. Today, Monaco remains a principality (a territory ruled by a prince). Under a constitution adopted in 1962, the prince shares power with an elected legislature. In 1993 Monaco became a full member of the United Nations.


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Source map: U.S. CIA (1982).


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