The Arctic Region


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Arctic fox

Kamishak Bay, Kook Inlet, Alaska


The Arctic is the region around the North Pole, usually understood as the area within the Arctic Circle. It includes parts of Russia, Scandinavia, Greenland, Canada, Alaska and the Arctic Ocean.


Family of polar bears in the Arctic region. Polar bears can be found throughout Arctic regions, usually on drifting oceanic ice floes. In 1973, an international agreement allowed the hunting of polar bears only by local populations with traditional weapons.


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Iceberg in the Arctic region.


Greenland Iceberg


This picture was taken by Jeremy Harbeck. It is an iceberg at North Star Bay, in Greenland.


Kamishak Bay, Kook Inlet, Alaska (NASA).



A couple of arctic fox. It is found throughout the Arctic, usually on tundra.



Arctic region



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See a map of the Arctic Region


Polar bears

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