Hubble image of an expanding halo of light around a distant star, named V838 Monocerotis, about 20,000 years-light from Earth.  This impressive shape is caused by the red supergiant star at the middle of the image.




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A dark blue view of the Earth.


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The sunrise. From this view, much of the solar energy is scattered by the residue from the Philippine's Mt. Pinatubo volcanic eruption in June 1991. The dark band of aerosols extending across the image, through which the sun is visible, consist primarily of sulfuric acid crystals that scatters the incoming sunlight (NASA).


Fascinating Shapes of a nebula, NASA.


Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong on the Moon


The atmospheric limb at sunrise.


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20 JULY 1969, Apollo 11. The first lunar landing mission. In the photo, Neil Armstrong on the Moon, the deployed United States flag and the Lunar Module.




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This sunrise - NASA





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